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With over 25 years of experience, and a talented, hard-working team of employees, Tuff Cover is well-positioned to meet all your reusable packaging needs.  Our ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system assures consistent quality, timeliness, and competitive pricing.  We 100% inspect all of our products, have detailed sample approval and contract review processes, and sequence label each part to assure accurate counts.  We work hard to exceed our customer's expectations at every step- from design and development through manufacturing, to final delivery.

The Advantages of Sewn Fabric Packaging 


Improved Density

Fabric dividers have far thinner profiles than other corrugated or solid plastic alternatives.  This leads to less wasted space and better density for your parts.  Density is also improved through part nesting.  The flexibility of fabric allows for nesting that other packaging types simply can't match.  These density gains will yield long-term freight savings for the transport of your parts.

Improved Surface Protection

Fabric is a flexible and highly adjustable packaging medium.  This flexibility allows us to customize our packaging to follow the unique contours of each part.  We can reinforce high-stress areas, add wear strips or extra cushioning to control part-to-part contact, and even position or suspend the part in such a way as to protect highly sensitive areas.  

Lower Cost

Sewn packaging requires detailed, skilled labor, and does not have the lowest purchase price of all returnable packaging options.  However, the increased part density provided more than offsets these costs.  Over time, transportation cost savings can often pay for the packaging many times over.

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